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‘The Best Maternity Pillow’

Buying guide: The best maternity Pillow

When you are pregnant and you are looking for the ‘best maternity pillow’, you want to know exactly the strengths and weaknesses of every pillow available. Being pregnant is a very exciting and happy time, on the other side, you can face a lot of difficulties. Sleeping well is one of those difficulties, especially when you get further and further in the period of being pregnant. Therefore we reviewed a lot of the pillows manually. It took us a lot of work and money to make this happen, but we think that this was worth it and it could benefit all pregnant women who are looking for the best maternity pillow! When you are looking for a couple of Pregnancy Pillow Reviews, head over to our other blog post

3 Top-Rated Pregnancy Pillows

ImageNameDesignWeightCover MaterialRating
Leachco Total BodyC-Shaped3 lbPolyester, Cotton9.6
Today's Mom ComfortU-Shaped10.1 lbPolyester, Cotton8.5
Lavish Home BodyU-Shaped7.2 lbCotton8.5

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Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking to buy the best maternity pillow, you will notice a few different things where you have to pay attention to. Those different things can be the size, the fill material, outside and the price. There are a couple of pillows available on the market and we compared them 1 by 1. When you read this story, you’ll see the outcome for yourself and base your decision on the conclusion.

After all, you have to make the decision yourself, we can’t do that for you. But we can help you by providing all the information that you need to decide.


There are a few different sizes that we took into this comparison, from smaller ones till big ones. You have to consider the size of your bed too when you are making the decision of buying one. This because of that the pregnancy body pillow could take up a lot of space in your bed and your partner maybe don’t like this at all. You will run out of space fast when you add a large pillow into the bed.

There are a lot of compact options as well, so you have to think for yourself which size fits perfectly in your bed. A size that would be good for you and your partner. So if you have a small bed, I would recommend going for a smaller pillow, which still can give you the support that you deserve. If you do have space though, I would recommend going for larger ones. Normally this will give you and your belly more support and compression.

Fill Material

If you want to have the best bang for your bucks, you should go for the inner material that supports you and your belly the most. The 2 best fill materials that we liked were memory foam and down feathers. Memory foam will give you the best support for your belly. It’s well known and used in a lot of bed textiles. However, it could get very hot with memory foam. That’s just one issue that this material has.

On the other side, we tested the fill material ‘Down feathers’. This kind of fill material is very lightweight and cool while sleeping. However, this will not give you the most support to your body. We always recommend people to look what kind of fill material they have in their own pillow. This can give you some valuable information. If you like the pillow that you are lying on, why should you switch to another fill material for a sort of the same product? If it is decent and comfortable under your head, it would be comfortable under your body.


Another way to measure the best maternity pillow would be looking at the price. Higher priced items are not always the best products, sometimes cheaper ones perform better. Especially when you are on a lower budget, you can not spend a lot of money towards a high priced pregnancy pillow. Sleeping is very important for your whole body and state of mind, therefore we recommend to buy products that deliver you a better night. If you do have plans to get another baby after the first one, you should consider a product from a better quality with the best filling material.

When you consider whether to buy a pregnancy pillow, you should determine how much quality sleeping time is worth for you. It’s not always the best to spend less on a product which not delivers it full potential. Sometimes it is just better to go for a product which is slightly higher priced but will support your body much more. Finding a product that balances quality with cost is your best bet when you are looking for one.

Removable Cover

When buying a pregnancy pillow, you should buy one that can remove its cover. Just like a normal pillow you should wash them often. It’s not very hygienic to sleep for one a couple of months without washing it. It is very handy if you could you remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine without any hassle.

Therefore, we recommend you to only buy a pregnancy pillow with a removable cover. In our comparison, we only took pillows with a cover that can be replaced. So do not worry about that, we got it sorted out for you!

Benefits of the best maternity pillow

The main benefit of having a Top Rated Pregnancy Pillow would be that your sleeping cycle will improve significantly! Your body will have great support and therefore it is easier to fall asleep and to sleep the whole night. But there are a few other reasons why you should consider to buy one:

You will notice a huge improvement in your back support, this will help you to be more comfortable while trying to sleep. Some people say it is a life saver for back pain too, we say that we found the best body pillow for back pain! You will read more about that, later on.

The pillow can most of the times also been used by other activities like sitting in bed and watching tv or reading a book. You can easily sit down in your bed with this!

A lot of people reach out to me and ask me something like, ‘where can I buy a body pillow’, or ‘where can I buy a pregnancy pillow’. A lot of people consider me as a specialist regarding pregnancy, they ask me such things. Normally I give them an answer like head over to Amazon and read a lot of reviews at the bottom of the product page of several pillows. I did not really know the answer either, which one could be considered as ‘best’. I wanted to have an answer to all those questions, therefore this review or buying guide was made. We went through all features that you should consider when you want to buy a pillow, let’s head over to the reviews right now!

Product Reviews

I already told you that we bought several pillows and we try to find the best maternity pillow. Our product reviews will have 7 items listed and they can all be bought on Amazon! Let’s head over to our first review.

Leacho Snoogle Total

Our first review will be about the ‘Leacho Snoogle total’, this body pillow came out first on the test! It is a really great product and we enjoyed our time with it. This Pillow has got a really great price for what you get, very good reviews on the Amazon product page and is ‘C’ shaped. Because of the shape that this pillow has, it can easily be used during different occasions, so you can use it during the pregnancy and a long time afterward!

However, it does a great job during the pregnancy period. You will have full support, a lot of compressions and you will sleep much, much better. The design is made with the intention of a ‘growing belly’, the pillow shapes according to your belly! So whether you have a small belly and are early in the pregnancy period, or have a bigger belly and are already at a later stage, you can easily buy this one!

When you head over to Amazon, you can easily see all of the reviews that people made about the ‘Leacho Snoogle Total’. A lot of people are very satisfied and love this product! With over 8000 reviews super positive reviews, we can say this is the best maternity pillow available! The cover is removable and can easily be put in the washing machine and the product’s price is very low. If you want to know more about it, just head over to Amazon and check some customer reviews too. You can easily decide for yourself if this will be your desired pillow.

‘The Leacho Snoogle’ is one of the best pregnancy pillows available and it scores high on our list of key points. We will give this a 9.5 out of 10.

Today’s Mom Comfort

The second product that we used to this review is the ‘Today’s Mom Comfort Pillow’. This is a high-quality product which gives your belly a great support. We have to say, this pillow is really big. So as discussed before, you need to have a large bed. It doesn’t really fit in smaller beds. You will lay down in the middle of this pillow and it will wrap around you.

The big size of this could be a -1, but it could be an advantage too! Because of the big size of this, it gives a lot of support to your whole body! While smaller ones don’t give that much support and compression, this does an excellent job. We tested this one and we came to the conclusion that it is much better than other ones, the only thing is that it is kind of big.

As to the reviews displayed on the product page of Amazon, the pillow gained an average 4/5 with over 800 positive reviews. This is a really good product and I am 100% sure that you will like it if you have the space for it in your bed. It is not specifically used for pregnancy, so you will benefit this a much longer time when your child has already been born.

Lavish Home Body Pillow

The third product that we have a review about is the ‘Lavish Home Body Pillow’. Just like the ‘Today’s Mom Comfort pillow’ it is U-shaped. This is an advantage when you have a large, king size bed, a disadvantage when your bed is a bit smaller. It can be used as a body pillow every time, not only during the pregnancy period but also a long time afterward.

The pillow has a removable cover and can easily be washed in the washing machine. It offers a very good support to those who are pregnant or are suffering from back pain. This pillow will let you sleep much better.

This pillow has been reviewed by over 600 people with an average 3.5/5 stars. Some people complain about the lack of support that this pillow could give. We think that it gives a decent amount of support and you should test it out for yourself whether you like it or not. Still, there are a lot of positive reviews and more people are positive than negative, mainly because of the good price.

Final Conclusion about the best maternity Pillow:

We already mentioned that the period of being pregnant can be very exciting. Therefore, you should enjoy every moment of that! It is the best advice that I could give to pregnant women. After we reviewed 3 of these pillows, we finally know which is the best maternity pillow. In our opinion, the ‘leacho snoogle total’ is the best maternity pillow available online. However, you should use the review we made and the reviews that other people left on Amazon to your advantage and see which one fits perfectly with your needs.

We hope that you will start sleeping very well again and that our review helps you in deciding which one to buy. When you will have a baby in the house, you will have less time being asleep, so try one of these and get as much sleep as possible while you still have that chance.

If you want more personal information, I’d kindly ask to leave a comment here or reach out via the contact us page 

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