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The ‘Best Pregnancy Body Pillow’

5 of the Best Pregnancy Body Pillow For The Tired Mama-to-be

Do you feel pain in your back and hips when you sleep? Or how about leg cramps and irritating reflux that disturb you at night? If you’re pregnant, you’re likely to have complicated evenings in bed and feel tired often. Regardless of how much you move around, it is difficult to find any comfortable position. The answer – the best pregnancy body pillow to help you get a fantastic night of slumber and rest!

In case you’ve reached the part of your second or third trimester, there appears to be no end to the distress you feel. That’s because of your growing belly. Pregnancy pillows help ease the problem and may help you relax before your baby’s arrival. So, “where can I buy a pregnancy pillow?” you ask? Ask no more! Here are the things you need to know in looking for a pregnancy pillow.


ImageNameDesignWeightCover MaterialRating
PregnancyPerfectSleep Pregnancy PillowU-Shaped4 lbPolyester, Cotton9.5
Leacho Total Body PillowC-Shaped3 lbPolyester, Cotton8.5
PharmeDoc Pregnancy PillowC-Shaped7 lbCotton8.5
Queen Rose - Pregnancy PillowU-Shaped5 lbPolyester, Cotton8.0
Leacho Back - Pregnancy PillowU-Shaped3 lbPolyester, Cotton8.0

Why Sleeping Is Difficult During Pregnancy

Your body during pregnancy changes due to hormonal imbalance. The sudden shift can cause disturbances in your snooze. Also, your growing baby adds pressure to your tummy and the rest of your body. That results in interference in catching your zzz’s.

Sleeping while pregnant is difficult because of the following symptoms:

  • Increased abdomen size due to baby growing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Urge to pee all the time
  • Leg cramps
  • A backache and muscle joints
  • Heartburn and acid reflux

Some pregnant women choose to take safe sleeping pills. But, it’s advised that they should sleep naturally at night. Many expecting mothers practice routines to get better snoozes but they can still fail. One way to sleep better is to buy body pillows that can aid their sleeping position. Only the best pregnancy body pillow can offer relief and respite from aches and pains.

Importance Of A Good Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful and be tiring for a woman. The lack of sleep causes the mother to be physically and emotionally stressed. But, if we delve deeper into the issue, poor sleep can mean difficulty in labor and birth. It may also negatively affect the weight of the baby. Both can be critical when you put the mother in extreme situations. Here are some benefits of sleep to a pregnant woman:

Prevents preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition where the mother is suffering from high blood pressure. It results in painful labor, premature birth, low birth weight, and death of the infant.

Takes away stress

A happy mommy will result in a healthy baby! Sleep plays a vital role in the immune system of both the mother and her baby. A hearty slumber can increase resistance to diseases that can weaken them both. It also lowers catecholamines levels or stress hormones that can cause painful contractions.

Decrease in depression

Depression can have a significant impact on the mother’s emotional state and the baby’s health. The mother may deliver a preterm birth, and the child might have hypertension. Prenatal depression can lead to post-partum depression which is a dreaded condition for mothers.

Lessens muscle pain

Sleeping is one way to reduce the muscle ache. If sleeping and relaxation can’t even give you that, you’ll end up cranky and tired.

Reduces chances of breathing disorders in children

Poor development in children will result in breathing disorders like apnea, asthma, bleeding lungs, and more. Kids will grow with poor immune system and are susceptible to diseases.

One thing pregnant mothers can do to prevent complications is to buy pregnancy pillows. Maternity pillows support the body and keep the mother in her correct position at night. Only the best pregnancy pillow will prop up the tummy, back, and knees.

What Are The Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy?

Doctors recommend that SOS or sleep on side, especially the left, is good for the mother and her infant. It enhances blood circulation to the placenta where the baby takes in the nutrients. Pregnant women sleeping on their left side can prevent swelling of the legs, hands, and legs. Here are the other benefits of SOS:

  • Reduce pressure interfering with blood flow to the heart.
  • Lessens tummy discomfort and acid reflux because of baby growth and movement.
  • Lying on your left side keeps your baby from pressing your liver and bladder.
  • Increase blood circulation for baby to receive his nutrients.

► Take note – never sleep on your back and stomach. It can cause breathing disorders, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and decrease in air circulation. ◄

One comfortable way for women to get a good sleep is with a maternity cushion. With a body pillow, you’ll find that sleeping is a breeze as you don’t need to change positions frequently. So, where to buy body pillows? We’ll help you with that later on.

How Can Pregnancy Pillows Benefit You?

One solution to women’s aching backs and legs is to buy, buy, buy pregnancy pillows! How far can this product benefit most pregnant women? Let’s see with our list below.

  • Stimulates pregnant women to deep sleep
  • Anti-stress and aids in relaxation
  • Excellent body support for mother and baby
  • Calms heart rate
  • Can be used after pregnancy and support for breastfeeding or childcare

If you’re pregnant, why not go out and buy the best pregnancy body pillow? We’ll help you where to buy maternity pillows in that case. We’ve listed only the best in the market today so that you wouldn’t worry about choosing the wrong item.

Different Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows

Confused because of the various kinds of maternity pillows available in the market? Four known types of pregnancy pillows differ in length, size, style, and shape. Let’s take a look at how one can benefit from each.

Wedge-shaped pillows. These are small triangular or crescent-like cushions in shape and are ideal for providing support for the tummy. The mother usually props up on the lower side of the pillow while the belly presses the higher position. You can also use the cushion as a headrest, back pillow, or the standard under the tummy type.

What to expect from this pillow

  • This pregnancy pillow price is cost-efficient.
  • It’s small and thus, saves space, and perfect for traveling.
  • Supports only one part of the body at a time.

Bean pregnancy pillows. The pillows look like a bean or pear and perfect for contouring your body shape. The curvature of the cushion follows the size of your belly while you can hug it with your arms and legs. One can also sleep on it like a regular pillow with head and armrests.

What to expect from this pillow

  • Provides support to arms and legs
  • Can be used as a headrest and arm support
  • Little to no support for the back.

Full-length pillow. As the name implies, this cushion offers comfort in your position from head to toe. It can be straight, shaped, or flexible for you to change in any given position. Mothers can rest their heads and wrap their arms and legs on it without the need for another pillow.

What to expect from this pillow

  • Supports your whole body
  • Flexible cushion forms to any shape
  • Big and takes up so much space

Total body pillows. These pillows cover your head, front, and back, to support your achy joints and muscles. They are full-length in support, and you can wrap your whole body around it. They are often around 5 to 6 feet long and in C or U-shaped style.

What to expect from this pillow

  • It offers support from head to toe, front and back
  • Can be used as a headrest and arm support
  • It’s enormous and large depending on the material

The need for back, tummy, and leg support is crucial for you to have a good night’s sleep. If you are wondering where can you buy pregnancy pillows, it’s also important to know the materials of what you will be purchasing. When choosing the best pregnancy body pillow for your needs, you should check what it is made of. Now that you know the different types of pillows on the market today, here’s an insight of what makes them comfortable: fillings.

All About Covers And Fillings Of Pregnancy Pillows

Covers and fillings are factors to consider in buying pregnancy pillows. Manufacturers usually use changeable covers for the cushions so that women can easily wash them in the laundry. Also, there are five known fillers for these pillows ranging from beads to organic shedding.

Organic fillings

Kapok, bamboo, or spelt cushion offers benefits which will enhance your deep slumber. These natural shreds have anti-bacterial properties that keep your pillow clean and free from moist. It prevents you from inhaling irritants that can disrupt your sleep.


It’s the most common pillow filling because it supports the body well. The pillow can either be soft or hard depending on the amount of polyester inside. The material itself is soft and won’t cause any noise when you toss and turn on your sleep.


This filling is found on most inexpensive pillows and can conform to any shape. It’s lightweight and perfect for travel, but it usually makes some noise when you move.

Memory foams

Memory foams are firm cushions that take the shape of your body once pressed. The best memory foam is those with shredded fillers that allow air to circulate and reduce heat.


They are small, fine balls that have a sand-like texture. They are incredibly light and perfect for traveling. Those who aren’t comfortable with Styrofoam often opt for microbeads.

The fillers and cover factors will help determine the purchasing aspects of a pillow. Pregnant women should choose which cushions are suitable to their needs. Because only the best pregnancy body pillow for the tired mama can alleviate stress.

Factors to Consider In Buying The Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

There are essential aspects of body pillows you have to consider before buying. That will save you the time and effort from choosing the wrong item.

Pillow size. The size of the pillow should be proportionate to your bodily needs. Other women prefer it big, while some just want enough to fit on their beds. You also have to consider your husband and how he can still sleep on the bed with that thing propping around you!

Your body type. You need a pillow similar to your curves. If the bean-shaped pillow hugs your body well than a wedge one, then that’s the best cushion for you. Some thinner women prefer the full-length pillow than the total body type. So, it depends on your body type and what you are most comfortable with.

Soft or hard pillows. A lot of women might want softer pillows, but the firmer ones might be suitable for them. It’s all about what’s comfortable and favorable for their situation. Sometimes, a soft pillow might add joint aches because it fails to support the body. A hard pillow will momentarily feel uncomfortable, but it supports the body well.

Easy to clean. Is the pillow too big for your washing machine? Can you air dry the product and remove its covers? Being pregnant already stresses you out. No need for more work that only depletes your energy and emotional state.

Type of fillers. Are you asthmatic? Will you be traveling soon? Do you want cooling pillows instead? Your fillers can provide answers to these questions. Each type of material is geared to serving the mother’s health and necessities.

Now that you know some of the factors in choosing the best pregnancy body pillow, you will no longer be clueless when you purchase one. And, if you’re still wondering, “Where can I buy a body pillow?” we’ll share with you the five maternity cushions you can choose from. 

Review of the best pregnancy body pillow

Pregnancy Pillows

Having a hard time on your pregnancy? This U-shaped pillow supports mothers throughout the duration of their trimesters. The most prominent feature of PerfectSleep ist the great support that your whole body gets. The pillow will support your whole body and is pretty large. Therefore we think that this is one of the best pregnancy pillows available!

It is easy to put it in the washing machine, you can easily remove the cover. The material of the cushion is unbelievably fresh for mama to sleep soundly at night. This cooling effect can reduce overheat and hot flashes during pregnancies.


  • Cools the neck when one uses it for the headrest.
  • Great incline or recline back support in sofas and chairs.
  • It’s highly versatile because you can prop it on your knees, back, tummy, neck, and head.
  • Since it’s large, your whole body gets a great support.


  • It is not the smallest pillow available, it is pretty big.

Best for: Mommies who have a lot of space available in their bed, with this your whole body gets absolutely much support! It is in our opinion the best that you could get. Moreover, we found a lot of great reviews on their website and most of them are very positive!


Pregnancy Gear

Enjoy this total body pillow as it supports your back, stomach, and neck! This C-Shaped, 5-feet long cushion is ergonomically designed to follow the curves of your body. It’s ideal for relaxing or sleeping the night through. Additionally, it’s versatile because it can be used for back or stomach support depending on your sleeping side. It has a cover that can be machine washed easily too!

It makes sleeping comfortable especially when you wrap your arms and legs around the Snoogle. The shape helps keep mothers on their sides also. The Snoogle can still be used after pregnancy as a support for feeding the baby. Overall, the pillow is soft, yet firm, to keep pregnant women peacefully sleeping.


  • Provides comfort and security when sleeping on the left side.
  • The pillow is firm but soft enough to be comfortable because of the polyester fillings.
  • The length is perfect for both tall and short women.
  • The covers are machine washable.
  • Can be used extensively after pregnancy for baby support.


  • The combination of a cotton and polyester cover seems rather thin and scratchy. It’s best to buy your covers or make one.
  • It has little belly or back support depending on your position because there’s a small opening for the C-shaped pillow.

Best for: Expecting mommies who toss and turn each night looking for different positions will find comfort and security with Snoogle. Also, those who are looking to use the pillow after birth will find it to be versatile to be used for breastfeeding support.

Pregnant Mom

No need to burden yourself with backaches and leg cramps with PharMeDoc. The pillow is C-shaped, but the opening is near enough to be considered as a total body pillow. And because of that feature, it provides excellent belly and back support while you can hug the cushion with your arms and legs. The cover is removable and machine washable for ease of cleaning.

At 5 feet tall, the pillow supports your entire body and health because it is hypoallergenic and phthalates free. It is made of cotton fabric that improves air circulation. It is durable and soft, yet firm to withstand the test of time. The pillow can also be used after your pregnancy such as for breastfeeding.


  • The cotton cover has a cooling effect that reduces hot flashes in pregnant women.
  • Saves you from neck, back, and leg pains.
  • It offers both back and belly support because of its shape
  • Highly versatile because you can use it to support any comfortable position for you and your baby.
  • It can be used after birth and while you’re feeding your baby.


  • The pillow is so big and bulky at 7 pounds.
  • The cushion can quickly flatten, and you have to fluff it all over to bring it back to its original shape.

Best for: Mothers who want a cooling pillow to save themselves from hot flashes at night. Hot flashes are common in pregnancies because of the hormonal changes in the body. PharMeDoc is like a two-in-one product that cools and comforts expecting women.

Body Pillows

This Queen Rose body pillow is a versatile cushion because it can be used for sitting, napping, relaxing, sleeping, and more. Also, you can prolong its use. It is a useful aid when nursing your child. It is hypo-allergenic and proved to be useful for mothers who experience poor sleep, back pain, and leg cramps.

The pillow is a total body cushion in U-shape with a filling made of polyethylene. It provides maximum comfort and fluff for better sleep. Additionally, it comes in various colors and design with covers that are machine washable.


  • It’s an all-around body pillow that supports neck, back, and tummy.
  • The product is highly versatile as it props you to sit, lounge, or relax nicely.
  • It has different variations of designs to choose from!
  • Queen Rose is hypo-allergenic with its polyethylene material.
  • Not only moms get to enjoy this, but fathers and kids too!


  • The fillers easily get flat, and some may find it to be too soft.
  • The stitching on the sides needs a little bit of work.

Best for: The pillow is perfect for everyday support even when sitting or just relaxing in front of the TV. Mothers who want to relax and lounge in the sofa can prop themselves up with Queen Rose. Your husband or kids will even love and might likely borrow it from you!


Pregnancy Tips

This other product from Leachco offers extensive and maximum comfort for your body from head to toe, tummy, and back. You don’t need to reposition yourself throughout the night. Just a simple turn on the side can prop you to sleep comfortably. It’s U-shaped in nature with an hour-glass curve for better hip and joint positioning.

You get to cradle yourself comfortably in this firm cushion. You can tuck the pillow with both legs to feel snug in the product. The cover can be removed and cleaned. If you want to add non-chlorine based bleach, then you can do so, if needed. When the pillow is slightly becoming flat, you can fluff it to make it full again.


  • The U-shape figure provides excellent head, arms, and leg support.
  • The hour-glass curvature can help ease your belly and back to avoid reflux and aches from happening.
  • It’s easy to clean the covers, and one can dab soapy cloth to wash the pillow.
  • The filler is soft, but it is firm enough to handle your weight and position.
  • Positions mother to sleep on the side for better airways


  • The neck area is a bit stiff.
  • The covers can use a little quality stitching.

Best for: Mothers who are prompted by their doctors to sleep on the side will benefit from this product that positions your hip and joint correctly. It provides comfort and ease in turning to one side, without the need for reshuffling.

What’s the best pregnancy pillow?

With our listed reviews and comparisons, we can genuinely say that the best pregnancy body pillow is the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow! The C-shaped pillow is just the right height for many mothers given that they’re tall or short. It was created to follow the curves of the body where you can wrap your feet around it as well. The Snoogle is used for back and tummy support even when you turn on both sides. Not only that, but it also gives the mother an excellent neck and headrest to prevent aches and pain.

The cover might be thin and scratchy indeed, but you can always buy one. The opening section of the pillow did prove to be a hassle, but one can prop another pillow to sustain the position and support.

Overall, the cushion is ideal for mothers and even up to their nursing days. It helps prevent complications when sleeping at night so that mommy can get that good night’s sleep. So, we say, it’s genuinely the best pregnancy body pillow on our list. Where to buy body pillow for pregnancy, you ask? It’s all here.

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