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‘Snoogle Pillow Reviews’

Snoogle Pillow Reviews

If you came across the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow, you must be wondering, ‘Where can I find Snoogle Pillow reviews?’. Is it really that great for Pregnant women?  We found a few Snoogle Pillow reviews for you! With this article, you can determine for yourself if you like the pillow and if you want to buy one. Sometimes videos will give you more information about a certain product then words do, therefore, we also put a great youtube video review on it.

We found someone who made a video about the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow and we would love to share it!

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Videos: The Snoogle Pillow Reviews!

Snoogle Pillow Reviews Part 2: Written Review

Previously, there was a video about the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow. We really hope that you had liked it. We are going further to the next part of our article, Snoogle Pillow reviews, the written part! As you may know, we already made a buying guide about the best pregnancy pillows available. That buying guide contains almost all the information that you need! Being pregnant can be a very great time, you will have your own baby very soon! On the other side, it can be very hard too. There are a lot of things that can happen during the pregnancy period. We are going to focus this article on the problem of sleeping. When you are pregnant, you will have a bigger belly as usual. It can be a very hard time to fell asleep or to sleep the whole night. It will very often happen that you can’t fall asleep, no position is good for your belly or your whole body.

The Solution

Snoogle Pillow Reviews

We found the solution for this, and since you are on our blog, you may already know that it exists, the Pregnancy Pillow!  It will help you with finding a good position during the night. Your belly will get a huge compression from the pillow and therefore you will sleep much better. As you can see in the picture that we attached to this article, there’s a woman using the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow. She lays down on it and as you can see she is very satisfied with it. However, just this picture doesn’t say everything.

Snoogle was one of the first ones to introduce you their pregnancy pillow. They are an established company and they provide and use high-quality products and material. Lots and lots of people already bought one and are really satisfied with it. The pillow supports your whole body and especially your: ‘Hips, back, neck and tummy’. That is what was advertised with by them and we can confirm it is totally true.

Pregnancy Friend

One of my friends was pregnant (Now she already have a baby) and she tested this out for us. She told us this: “This pillow is really great and absolutely a life-saver, I slept better and better when I got this pillow. I am really satisfied with the product and I want to sleep on it every day!”. As you can see in the quote, it’s a product that is loved by her and we took that in our review.


Snoogle tells that you can not machine wash it, when there is dirt on, just try to wipe it off. When it becomes flat because you were lying on it, just fluff it like you would do with any other pillow. The Pillow is licensed, so they are the only ones who are allowed to sell this product and the best pillows. They say that it’s developed and invented by a registered nurse and mom. I am not sure whether this is true or not, but it’s absolutely something that is well thought about.

Heat Resistant

When you buy this pillow, it won’t get very hot. Because of the pattent that they made. They exactly say: “Enjoy the Cuddle comfort and support without the extra body heat”. This is absolutely true, we tried one of them ourselves and it was very fluffy and especially not warm! The cover can be taken off and thrown into the washing machine, you can easily wash it and put it back on afterward!

Up to the other reviews found on Amazon!

As we already told you, we don’t rely on our own findings, we are diving into Amazon reviews too!


“I purchased this pillow for my Pregnant Wife for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and will not sleep without it. Seriously, the complete change in her mood cannot be overstated.

Prior to this pillow being introduced in our lives, our sleep time was traumatic for me at best. She would do her best to turn herself into a human straight jacket, forcing me to invoke the spirit of Houdini just to try and desperately breath in order to sleep. Her human convection oven level temperature regulation problems combined with her overactive dreams had me sweating and taking beatings like a prisoner of the Viet Cong.

This pillow has provided her with something else to strangle into sleepy time submission and granted me the thermal barrier I needed to avoid heat stroke at 2 a.m. I haven’t taken an elbow to the eye socket or a heel to the groin in weeks and I’m glad to report that I was, in fact, able to roll over for the first time in years last night.

Why you should buy the pillow

To summarize, if the Rancor from Star Wars has ripped its way into your bedroom snarling with levels of ferocity previously thought impossible, throw a snoogle at it and watch the amazing transformation unfold before your eyes. Suddenly, there will be a pregnant Wife peacefully sleeping in front of you resembling a sweet napping puppy, tuckered out from a long day of chasing butterflies…

For the love of God and all things Holy… BUY THE PILLOW!!!”

Another review is from someone called ‘Clayman’. He warns every husband that their wife will be obsessed by this huge pillow. He bought this for her wife when she was pregnant and kept waking up. The man bought this and did not know that it would be that huge! When you have a smaller sized bed, this is nothing for you.

Review 2: 

“Warning to men, your wife is going to be obsessed with this gargantuan pillow. I ordered this pillow for my wife because she was pregnant and kept waking up on her back and wanted to make sure that she stayed sleeping on her side during the pregnancy.


The reviews looked good so I thought this would be a good pickup. Little did I know the enormous size of this pillow that creates a great wall in our bed separating me from my wife. This thing is massive and my wife is absolutely in love with it. She says it supports her back and is so comfortable that she can’t sleep without it now even though our son is a month old. I give it 5 stars because she is in love with the thing, but just be ready to not see your wife in bed anymore. “

Source for these 2 reviews is: www.Amazon.com


Thank you for reading our article about the Snoogle Pillow Reviews. We took 2 reviews from Amazon and included them in our text so everyone can read it. Customers can buy this product on Amazon, you will be satisfied! If you want to know more or have some personal advice, don’t hesitate and contact us via our contact page.

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