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The Best ‘Pregnancy Pillow Reviews’

Everyone needs to know which is the best pillow to buy, therefore we are collecting a lot of Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and put them all together under 1 article. We already made an article about our own findings and which pillows are in our opinion the best. The article is named: Best Maternity Pillow, you can easily see which we recommend! However, you might like our own findings, but there are a lot of other people who share their opinion about which one is the best in their eyes. We scraped a lot of reviews from various sites like and our preferred website: Enjoy reading our article: ‘Top 10: Pregnancy Pillow Reviews’!

Best Full Body Pillow

When you are looking for ‘Pregnancy Pillow Reviews’ you need to consider which size you want first. If you own a large bed, king size or queen size, I would recommend you buying the ‘best full body pillow’. They are longer, bigger and gives your whole body and especially the belly a lot more support and compression. These aren’t really great if you have a smaller sized bed and therefore I am giving you advice later on.

First of all, as the best full body pillow, we recommend these from ItemHQ. They are a relatively new company but they are already making a great name in the world of pregnancy. A lot of women bought these and almost all of them would say this is the ‘best full body pillow’ They come in different colors, so you can easily choose which color is the one that you prefer. A few different colors are listed on their website, for example, pink, white and blue.

Click Here to buy them directly from their website









We found a lot of ‘Pregnancy Pillow Reviews’ and we think these would describe the product the best.


Best U-Shaped Body Pillow

When you want to go for the Best U shaped Body Pillow, and buying it directly from Amazon, we recommend another pillow. As seen in our buyers’ guide, we would choose the ‘Today’s Mom Comfort Pillow’. They have over 800 reviews on with an average star level of 4/5. This is really great, normally people don’t leave a review very often and therefore it is very good that they have over 800 reviews! So, in our opinion and the opinion of many others, the Today’s Mom pillow would be considered as ‘Best U Shaped Body Pillow’! Amazon is a well-known and very trustful seller, a lot of people shop on Amazon every day! This pillow comes in 3 different colors, ‘sky blue’, ‘espresso’ and ‘Almond’. You can choose which one of these will fit your bed textile the most.

In the picture here you will see the ‘Almond’ Color how they named their pillow.
Down here you will find the best ‘pregnancy pillow reviews’ in our eyes, it is really clear and it will help you going through the tough time of being Pregnant.

If you wish to buy the ‘best u shaped body pillow’, you can easily follow this link. 

Cheap Maternity Pillows

When you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying ‘cheap maternity pillows’. These are more cost-efficient and will give you the most bang for your bucks! However, when you want cheap maternity pillows, you might lose a certain quality level. You have to consider for yourself whether this is a thing for you. If you get a really low amount of sleep at the moment, I would recommend buying a bigger sized one because this will give you more support for your belly. However, we are still adding the best and cheap maternity pillows in this article and you can determine for yourself if you want this! There are good ones for a good price, it is worth searching for one! When I was talking about the best full body pillow, I recommended the one on ItemHq. For the cheap maternity pillows, I recommend the same one because it is very cheaply priced.


You have to be very excited when you are pregnant and expecting a child. When you are waiting for your child, you should have the best sleep as possible. When your child has been born you certainly do not have that much time in bed anymore. I really hope that this article is useful for you and you can benefit all the advantages we mentioned here. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to me with a comment or send me an e-mail through the contact form. We wish you an absolutely great time with your new child. If you like our article, it would really help us if you can share our story on social media or a blog.

As an addition to our article we just posted, we are going to add a table to immediately see which one you have to choose for your purpose!

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